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About us

  • About us

    Wuhan XinGuDe Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in sales of Poly(vinyl alcohol), Dicyandiamide and Vinyl acetate series products, located in Wuhan. The company is the only distributor of Ningxia Dadi Chemical Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province, and has been the top of customer sales list of Ningxia Dadi Chemical Co., Ltd. for many years.

    Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the sales of polyvinyl alcohol and paint raw materials. The company specializes in wholesale distribution of various types of polyethyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, melamine, VAE emulsion, dicyandiamide and other products for nearly 20 years, enjoying high reputation among consumers. Our company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. With many varieties of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover, as well as good after-sales tracking service, the company has won the trust of our customers!

    Wuhan XinGuDe Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. looks forward to sincere cooperation with you!

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  • Culture

    Execution concept: don't talk about if, only talk about results;

    Values: Happy work, happy life;

    Development policy: innovation-driven, break cocoon development; The company is strong and the employees are wealthy.

    Ten basic qualities of GuDe employees:

    Do today what you can do today
    Do what can be done at once
    Do First things first
    Do hard things
    Sort out complicated matters
    Time out what timing
    Spare time for trivial matters
    Help with extra things
    Take care of personal business after work
    Do everything seriously


Contact us

Contact us

Dicyandiamide Manager Peng +86-15827541199
Poly(vinyl alcohol) Manager Huang +8613317147888
Manager Zhao +86-18771087288
Melamine Manager Qian +86-18979874622
VAE emulsion Manager Huang +86-13317147888
Vinyl acetate Manager Wang +86-15327209520

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